About Five Wards Media

Who We Are

At the heart of Newark, Five Wards Media and Newark News & Stories unite under a shared vision: to honor and amplify our community's vibrant stories, culture, and information needs. As a beacon of community-centered media, we have celebrated and informed Newark by elevating the voices of local Newarkers and our neighborhoods, focusing on those stories that remain untold and unreported in traditional media. Our commitment to deep listening, building relationships, and engaging with city residents has enabled us to produce unique coverage of the diverse issues affecting Newark's communities, particularly across its five wards. Today, we are proud to evolve this mission, reimagining our approach to empower the youth of Newark.

Our Reimagined Mission: A Youth-Centric Approach

Embracing our storytelling and community engagement roots, we are transitioning into a BIPOC-led nonprofit social enterprise with a renewed focus on Newark's youth. Recognizing the pivotal role that young people play in shaping a resilient and inclusive community narrative, our mission now emphasizes creating opportunities for those affected by harm, trauma, and injustice. By leveraging digital storytelling and multimedia as powerful tools for change, we aim to forge a nurturing ecosystem where Newark's youth can access education, employment, and avenues for creative expression in the media arts.

Creating Pathways to Success

Our vision extends beyond addressing the immediate needs of Newark's young residents. We aspire to create a future where youth are celebrated not for the challenges they overcome but for their contributions to their community and culture. We are dedicated to contributing to Newark's innovation, creativity, and social justice movements by equipping them with media skills and opportunities for meaningful employment.

Our Collaborative Efforts: Building a More Equitable Media Landscape

At the core of our work is a commitment to community engagement, storytelling, healing, and empowerment. Through our initiatives, we aim to address information disparities and create safe spaces for those affected by harm and injustice. Our programs are designed to encourage sharing stories, contributing to a more equitable and understanding community.

Empowering Through Storytelling and Media Arts

Grounded in the belief that storytelling and media arts are critical for tackling systemic inequality and racism, we provide comprehensive training, mentorship, paid fellowships, and internships. This approach enables Newark's youth to harness their creativity and perspectives, transforming them into compelling narratives that reflect and enrich their communities.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

As we embark on this journey towards a youth-focused future, we invite the community to join us in this transformative movement. Whether through participation in our programs, sharing your story, or supporting our mission, your involvement is crucial. Let's empower the next generation of Newark's storytellers, change-makers, and leaders, continuing to amplify the rich tapestry of experiences that define our city.