The Hood Report: A New Voice for Newark's Youth

The Hood Report: A New Voice for Newark's Youth
Community Media Fellows cohort spring 2022.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Hood Report, your bi-weekly dose of stories, insights, and opportunities from the heart of Newark, brought to you by Five Wards Media & The Newark News & Story Collaborative.

Why Youth? Why Now?

Our city's pulse beats through its youth, yet they face unprecedented challenges - from a surge in auto theft to the scars left by violence. The Hood Report emerges as a platform for young Newarkers to voice their experiences, aspirations, and solutions.

What We're Up To:

  • Youth-Centric Focus: Learn about our shift towards empowering Newark's youth, inspired by their resilience and creativity amidst adversity.
  • Updated Mission and Vision: Discover how we're evolving to serve better and amplify the voices of our city's majority. Five Wards Media has a new interface; check us out here. Newark Stories has a new website with our new mission, flow, and section for the multimedia projects of our alumni fellows.
  • Exciting Announcements: Plenty is on the horizon, from our new website launch to the upcoming community media program applications. Our application closes tomorrow for our community media programs (Clinton Hill, Fairmount Heights, LGBTQ+ in partnership with Newark LGBTQ Community Center and Project Tea. Apply here. Share with your folks!

Call for Facilitators

Do you have a passion for storytelling or media? We seek passionate and skilled individuals to guide our young creators. Reach out to to get involved.

We seek passionate and skilled individuals to guide our next

  • IG Reel Highlight: Rasheed Sheffield and the Malcolm X Shabazz High School marching band are making waves. Catch a glimpse of their journey on our Instagram. The band placed second at last week's citywide Battle of the Bands competition.
  • Community Hero: Asada Rashidi from the South Ward Environmental Alliance talks about empowering youth for environmental change.

Be Part of the Story

Your voice, your story, and your participation can make a difference. Whether you're a young Newark resident eager to tell your story, a seasoned professional ready to mentor, or a community member willing to support, we welcome you.

Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates, stories, and more as we build a narrative that reflects and elevates Newark's youth.

We are learning. We are evolving. Thank you for giving us room to grow and make mistakes. Thank you for rocking with us on this journey. We would not be here without you.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we would love to hear from you. |

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